Scania and Kassbohrer move premises rs

Concrete knowledge in transporting specialist loads

John and Greg had an interesting job recently, helping a local customer move premises.

Using our two big recovery vehicles, Uncle Sam and our new Scania tractor unit, plus our new Kassbohrer 5 axle extendable trailer, they were able to move a range of heavy specialist loads to a new site.

John Statham said: “This was a big job, but with the use of our new trailer complete with our brand new 45,000lb Novawinch winch, it made the task extremely easy!

“We have great knowledge and expertise in moving specialist and abnormal loads. We pride ourselves on having a team of highly skilled individuals and the best modern, fully equipped recovery vehicles.

“The Statham’s team have been doing this type of transport work for over 70 years. You’re in safe hands with us.”